App update released

 1 March 2021

iOS 1.11

Android 1.33

What have been fixed ​in this version:

  1. DND mode is working now

  2. A better interface to indicate d firmware update.

  3. User will be asked to sign in the Google Fit and Apple Health and grant the access for 

  4. The step-counting is working now. Though, weve found a problem about steps counting recorded in Apple Health. It doesnt affect the accuracy but step records will not be synced in the other day . So make sure the watch has synced with the app before the end of the day. We prior this issue and we will keep it posted. lim 

  5. Devices using Android 11 can now obtain the correct name of the app in Notification Centre. 

We are working on the next batch of production

Next update

Weve always tried to build a better user experience for our users.We will improve the accuracy of step counting in both Android and iOS platform.